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Celebrating the magic between patty and bun

Celebrating the magic between patty and bun

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    Let’s be real, y’all: A group just for hamburgers might as well be added to the food pyramid for college kids. Luckily, there’s no ... [Read More]


April 16, 2014

Reunited and it feels ... Reunited and it feels ...

    It was June 2012 when my then boyfriend Matthew adopted Darla, the little gray kitten that needed a home ... [Read More] 1 Image

They are what they eat They are what they eat

    It doesn’t take a genius to peg me as an animal lover. In fact, I’ll admit that “animal lover” ... [Read More] 1 Image

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day!

    My Valentine and I will celebrate our three-month wedding anniversary this Sunday. I can't say every day of the ... [Read More] 1 Image


In Lula's good graces In Lula's good graces

    I'm not usually one to brag, but I have to be honest: Since I've gotten married, I have been making some serious magic in the kitchen.
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This is my snow day This is my snow day

    Honestly, I'm super duper jealous of all you students who are laying around in your PJs watching TV today because the threat of wintery weather cancelled classes.
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Proud puppy parents Proud puppy parents

    Last week, my decision to foster an adorable pound puppy quickly morphed into a decision to adopt said puppy. (Is anyone really surprised? Yeah, no.)
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Taking a leap of faith Taking a leap of faith

    I didn’t get much sleep last night. I tossed and turned and flipped and flopped until I decided to try sleeping on the couch instead. I didn’t want ...
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See you next year! See you next year!

    Everyone needs a vacation once in a while — even editors, reporters and newsroom staff.
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Shop 'til you drop — literally Shop 'til you drop — literally

    It’s not unusual for the hype of after-Thanksgiving sales to rival the celebration of Turkey Day itself, but last weekend’s shoppers set a new record for the country: More ...
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So very thankful So very thankful

    It’s official. I’m now Mrs. Linsay Rudd.     This Thursday is Thanksgiving, and while I’ve always enjoyed the holiday, the meaning behind the celebration has never been more significant ...
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Goin' to the chapel Goin' to the chapel

    The first conversation I had with the man who quickly would become the love of my life was last spring — on Easter Sunday afternoon, to be exact.
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'Saturday Night Live' a white boy's club? 'Saturday Night Live' a white boy's club?

    Did you catch the episode of “Saturday Night Live” last weekend?
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No RSVP, no cake No RSVP, no cake

    Before I begin, you should know, if you don’t already, that I’m getting married in exactly 18 days. (Thank you, Target registry.) That’s two weeks until I become Mrs. ...
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Let's get spooky Let's get spooky

    I’m probably the least qualified person to be talking about the best scary movies of all time; Casper and Charlie Brown’s pumpkin are my Halloween staples.
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