Mirth and Matter

Local groups gear up for spring productions

It’s a great month to be Irish — and I am! I’ll be breaking out the green and wearing it proudly all month long. [Read More]


March 18, 2018

Fuzzy hearts, chocolates and stupid Cupid

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is all loved up during this month where we focus on hearts, flowers, chocolates ... [Read More]

Brand spankin' new year

Well 2018 is upon us, all brand-spankin’ new. It’s exciting, isn’t it?! [Read More]

Shiny and fresh, with no mistakes in it

When I began considering how to approach the stories on our two Santas for this issue, paramount in the back ... [Read More]


Passion and the music in your head

I spend a lot of time talking with people who are extremely dedicated to their art, whether that art be dance, theater, painting, sculpting, pottery…whatever. They all have one thing ...
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Halloween season is the best

You guys…it’s my favorite month of the year! I love Halloween and October is clearly the best month out of the year. Not just because the weather is great, but ...
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Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love when the air changes and you can just smell those fall kind of smells. Pencil erasers, fresh notebook paper and that ...
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It's my fault -- I blinked

I did it. I blinked. And summer is just about over. By the time you’re reading this, school is back in session.
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Summertime is just groovy

Anybody else longing for those cooler temperaturesyet? Back when the weather was cold, I wantedwarmth. Now that I’ve got that, I am dying for somecool breezes.Color me fickle.But what we ...
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Get out your dancing shoes...

Ever felt the need to dance? I do it, quite frequently. But it’s almost always when no one is watching. It’s better that way. Trust me.
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Youth in the community on stage this month

There’s a lot going on the Boro this month in the arts world – and a lot of it is being done by young people.
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Spring: It's a crazy time, eh? Spring: It's a crazy time, eh?

Spring has officially sprung. Well. It was supposed to spring. The weather this year has been completely insane. One minute, we’re breaking out the sandals and shouting “Hallelujah!”…warm weather is ...
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All about the shamrocks... All about the shamrocks...

Welcome to this issue of Connect. It’s the month of all things Irish, and as a proud Irish woman myself, I’d
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Mirth & Matter Mirth & Matter

It’s the month for love and lovers everywhere. Flowers…candy…romantic, candlelit dinners.
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Mirth & Matter with Angye Morrison Mirth & Matter with Angye Morrison

Christmas. What wonderful images that paints for me in my mind and in my heart. I get a bit reflective during the holidays. I suppose we all do.  The difference ...
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