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How much do you know about Easter?

It's time to find out!

April 15, 2014

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    Test your knowledge with the following quiz. All results will be submitted to the Easter Bunny, so take it seriously. It's a pretty big deal.

1. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that certain activities should never be performed on Good Friday because they would bring bad luck. Which of the following is one of those tasks?
    a) bathe
    b) cook red meat
    c) get a hair cut
    d) do the laundry

2. Traditionally, what should you do on Easter Sunday in order to ensure you’ll have good luck in the coming year?
    a) attend church services
    b) wear a new piece of clothing
    c) get a hair cut
    d) kiss your father

3. The tradition of the Easter Bunny, a rabbit who lays colored eggs for children to find Easter morning, began in which European country?
    a) Spain
    b) Switzerland
    c) Germany
    d) England

4. Dyed eggs of a particular color were once given to children on Easter Sunday in the belief that they would protect them from bad luck throughout the following year. What color were these eggs?
    a) yellow
    b) purple
    c) red
    d) green

5. In Australia, rabbits are viewed as pests because of the extensive damage they have caused to land, crops and vegetation. Australians prefer to use another native animal as a symbol of Easter. What is it?
    a) kangaroo
    b) wallaby
    c) bilby
    d) bandicoot

6. At church services in some countries on Maundy Thursday (the last day of Lent), priests perform what task in remembrance of what Jesus did at the Last Supper?
    a) bless the bread and wine
    b) wash their hands
    c) collect an offering
    d) wash the feet of churchgoers

7. This flower is associated with Easter because its petals face downward, which is said to be in honor of Jesus:
    a) dogwood
    b) lily
    c) tulip
    d) daffodil

8. How many days make up the Lenten season, the period of penance and fasting preceding Easter Sunday?
    a) 31
    b) 40
    c) 44
    d) 30

9. Approximately how much money do Americans spend on Easter candy each year?
    a) $15 million
    b) $8 million
    c) $2 billion
    d) $5 billion

10. In what year was the first Easter egg roll held on the White House lawn?
    a) 1878
    b) 1905
    c) 1937
    d) 1960

11. About how many chocolate Easter bunnies are produced for consumption each year?
    a) 50 million
    b) 90 million
    c) 1 billion
    d) 5 billion

12. What is a female rabbit called?
    a) cow
    b) doe
    c) jill
    d) hen

13. When it comes to eating chocolate bunnies, 76 percent of people say this part should be eaten first.
    a) eyes
    b) feet
    c) ears
    d) head


 ANSWERS: 1) d; 2) b; 3) c; 4) c; 5) c; 6) d; 7) b; 8) c; 9) c; 10) a; 11) b; 12) b; 13) c


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