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Kids and 21st century problems

September 05, 2018

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“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” — the first question asked arriving at a friend’s house.

“Oh, our Wi-Fi is down. You can go outside and play!” The tension in the room grows amongst the children as the fear of boredom creeps into their minds. This is just one of many new problems for the parental generation and a continuous problem for our children.

All the suggestions for internet security only secures me from being able to access all the many technological facets of life! Suggestions: use numbers and letters. Don’t use the same password for everything. Write it down in a book, and don’t keep all your passwords in same book. Online safety is important for your children. Don’t use your children’s names, birthdates or phone numbers, but use something you will remember.

Not only do I have to keep up with my personal and work life passwords, I have to keep up with my kids. Game log-in, settings, parental controls, etc.

My sister keeps a “super-secret password” book. Her daughter is 11 and plays Sims. It is important to her because she must walk her virtual dog, water the grass, among many other chores to keep her in good standing. Apparently, she needs the password to log in, and the “super-secret password” book is “in a safe place.” A disastrous situation!

My latest incident happened while my son was traveling with his father, and attempted to perform an update to his iPhone 6. Apparently this locked him out and he needed the Apple ID and password to get into his phone. OK, sure! Here you go, son! Easy! Nope. Didn’t work. I had created an apple ID for him, so no problem. I gave him his account info. Nope. Didn’t work.

On the phone with Apple for longer than I ever wanted and looking at my account online, it is quite obvious I own this phone. I’ve had it for three years now. They inform me they cannot help me obtain any account information. I have to get a receipt from the store where I purchased the phone and prove I bought it. Wait…what?

“You’re APPLE – can’t you access my account and see that I’ve had this phone since its birth?”

I go to a Verizon store where I “think” I purchased it. An hour later they have no way to access receipts that far back. Wait. What? “You’re Verizon – don’t you have records for every move I make with my Apple phone? You sure give my info to every other marketing organization on the planet!”

So, five days later, I explain to my son I can’t get the information to unlock his phone and I will have to research my bills.

“Oh. It works now, Mom.”

Wait. What?

“I turned it off and back on and now it’s unlocked.”

My time is just Apple time or Verizon time, or “password reset” e-mails. “Mom – can you approve this?” or parental control code, user ID, secret question answers, and remembering my paternal grandfather’s brother’s name, in all lower case with a special character.

Meanwhile, back at my friend’s house, all the kids are jumping on the trampoline outside, entertained without a password.


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