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A Bird in the Hand: Behind the scenes with BiRDPERSON

June 05, 2018

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If you’re looking for one of the most well-known and established bands on campus, BiRDPERSON is the band for you. When BiRDPERSON began in the living room of roommates Aaron Cooler, Wheeler Lovett and Anthony McLeod, they couldn’t have seen the future in store for the band or the impact it would have on the music scene in Statesboro. Nearly four years after their initial musical convergence and following some evolution from original lineup, band members Aaron Cooler, Trey Wilson and Jarrett Thompson have just gotten back together after nearly eight months apart. Coming back with a renewed energy, they are ready to bring their own personal style to the stage again. I recently got the chance to talk to him specifically about BP and their history, future, and current passions and projects. 

BH: What are the origins of the band’s unusual name?

AC: When we were around 20, we came up with a name we didn't put much thought or consideration into the process because we didn’t really think we’d do anything with it. The conversation went something like "Hey, wouldn't Birdperson be a dumb band name?" We all agreed and decided to go with it. When we actually started to play shows and write more original music (as opposed to just playing covers) we never bothered to change the name, and it's stuck to this day, more out of laziness than anything. The stylization of BiRDPERSON came a bit later, just to make it stick out visually.

BH: I’ve talked a bit about your unique style of music. What genre do you consider yourselves, and who are your influence?

AC: We play a genre that we call Math-Punk, which takes inspiration from genres like 1st and 2nd Wave Emo, Math Rock, Pop-Punk, and even Shoegaze and Hardcore.

We all have scores of personal influences that span tons of genres as a band, but in BiRDPERSON, we see ourselves as continuing a modern emo and punk rock tradition in the vein of Glocca Morra, Snowing, Mom Jeans, Algernon Cadwallader, Braid, the Promise Ring, and others that fall under that umbrella.

BH: You’ve just come off of a pretty long hiatus. What led to that break, and what brought you guys back together?

AC: After two EPs, two music videos, and two tours, we were feeling burnt out and needed take some much-needed personal time. It’s been our biggest challenge. All four members were in different places, physically and emotionally, so we decided to call it quits for a while. We thought that was going to, more than likely, be the end for BiRDPERSON. However, we missed the songs and playing together way too much, and after eight months of silence, we've figured out how to go about making this band happen as a three-piece in this best way possible from here on out with renewed vigor and creative energy. We have tons of new music and other content on the way for the coming months.

BH: I’m sure your friends are glad to have you back together. What does the future look like for BiRDPERSON?

AC: Now that we're back together, we just want to pick up where we left off. Playing shows with our friends, writing music, putting it out, and going on tours and weekenders.. If it leads to more eventually, that's fantastic, but we're never going to be doing this because we dream of being rich or famous, or getting some big record deal. If that ever becomes our motivation as a band, we'll need to stop because we're doing something wrong at that point.

BH: I met you doing research for an article that led me to Birdhaus, the home for Statesboro’s DIY scene. For those who missed that article, tell us a little about it and how BiRDPERSON led to its creation.

AC: Eventually, we decided we were tired of toiling away playing three-hour sets at bars for people who were generally disinterested in our music and we needed a place to play our own tunes, so we started hosting shows in our living room, giving the place the name BiRDHAUS.

Since then, the venue has taken on a life of its own outside of the band, hosting anywhere between 2-4 shows a month, acting as a fully-functional recording studio, and serving as a practice space for local bands. We host shows across ALL genres, including metal, punk, folk, hip-hop, shoegaze, spoken word, noise, emo, math, alt-country, pop, jazz, funk, and everything else.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of a revolutionary art space that subverts the notion that a state, school, church, or other governing body must sanction social gatherings, within a community that focuses on providing a safe environment for everyone to appreciate art regardless of race, gender identity, class, religion, or sexuality is welcome at the BiRDHAUS!

BH: We’re almost out of time, and I’m way beyond my word count for the article, but I’d love for our readers to know where they can find your music, and any other final thoughts you might like to share.

AC:Our two EPs are available on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc) or you can download them for a name-your-price donation at We also have new music that is on the way that will be released via those same avenues soon.

Be nice to everyone! Find local bands in your town and support them! Go to shows and bring your friends! Build beneficial communities and relationships centered around art and people rather than profit! We love you!

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Aaron for a look inside BiRDPERSON. Be sure to check them out online at:


Twitter: @_BiRDPERSON_

Instagram: @BiRDPERSON_band




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